My Published Books & another on the way

Sons of Cuba - Book 1  


      "Prelude to Revolution

Sons of Cuba is a historical fiction staged in 1950 Cuba that transports the reader through actual, but embellished events leading up to the Cuban Revolution. Felipe Cardena, an ambitious and outspoken college student seeks equality and justice for his beloved Cuba. He ignores warnings of his father and aligns himself with like-minded sympathizers. Felipe, along with a cast of dedicated men and women experience the exhilaration of victory combined with devastating disappointments, lost love, death, imprisonment and finally exile.


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Sons of Cuba - Book II  


Felipe Cardena's  quest to overthrow the Batista government continues. He is forced into exile, survives assassination, suffers loss in a plane crash, but succeeds returning to his beloved Cuba. At the rebel base camp in the Sierra Maestra, Felipe encounters a feisty peasant girl, Tangi. The overall story in Book II paints a portrait of Tangi, her family and the Cuban people's continuous struggle for freedom.  Are they condemmed to endure bitter disappointments and heartache?  Or, will they finally find peace in Cuba's new hope - Felipe Cardena.   One can only wonder "What if . . . ."

      Into The Devil's Den-

       -Snared by their own Lies, 

weaves a tangled tale of a father caught in a twenty year old lie he told his daughter when she was only a child.  Now his greatest fear is losing her trust forever.  Before he can seek forgiveness, he must race against time to save her from a jihadist"s sleeper cell -leaving a trail of murder in his wake.


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Due out in October 2020, Into the Devil's Den-Snared by their own Lies, turns from historical events to present day reality - Terrorism; terrorism in our own backyard.

Prologue and Chapter One

Coming Soon - Shattered Loyalties

Ellen is finishing  her 4th Book, "Shattered Loyalties," which is a suspense/thriller about a young female journalist, Penelope "Pepper" Mills, who blew up a promising career in Washington D.C.   Instead of interviewing heads of state, she is now living in New Orleans writing obituaries for a local newspaper.

     When the President of the United States makes a campaign stop in the Crescent City, her newspaper editor gives this ambitious journalist a second chance to redeem herself.   Unprepared to face the man responsible for derailing her career, the inner demons that have tormented her soul are awakened.   Pepper struggles to restrain the urge for revenge, but the ashes of her past are too strong and trigger a maelstrom of events - leading to betrayal, suspense, political intrigue, murder, but most of all, Shattered Loyalties.

     Follow Penelope "Pepper" Mills and a cast of characters through the Superdome, ante-bellum mansions, parties, sunken cemeteries and the neighborhoods of Old Algiers Point.